Standing out of the shadows...

  •  Identifiable singles
  •  Life in full colour
  •  24/7 attraction
  •  Wear and share
  •  Living without limit
  •  For you - as a gift


MY Single Band: Making the invisible, visible.

FATE, FUTURE, DESTINY: Even they cannot see in the dark.

Identifiable singles are more attractive.


Live life in full colour.

Match, mix or combine.

A colour for every occasion, a colour for every you.


Let MY Single Band say it for you.

Every good story starts with a MY Single Band... It’s a 24/7 attraction.

Choose every moment or pick your occasions.


Alone we are a single drop, together we are an entire ocean.

Wear it, capture it, share it, live it.

Follow the journey, share the moments, become the story.


Live open, free and without limits.

Smile and the world smiles back.

It’s about making life happen and opening doors.


All Ages, all outfits, for you, for a friend, for the world.